Shower Flow Rate Calculator

It's easy to work out how much water your shower is using every minute with this simple calculator.

What You Need

1. Determine Bucket Size

Grab your bucket and work out how much it holds in litres. Typical bucket sizes are 10 and 12 litres. If you're unsure of your bucket's capacity, try looking for markings on the inside of the bucket with numbers.

2. Measure Time To Fill Bucket

Now turn your shower on and use your stop watch or clock to time how many seconds it takes to fill the bucket with water. Make sure you capture all the water coming out of your shower head or hand shower in the bucket while timing.

3. Fill Out Form

Finally, fill out the form with the bucket's capacity and how long it took to fill, then click the big green button to calculate your shower's flow rate.

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New Zealand Green Building Council Member
New Zealand Green Building Council Member