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Recycle Hot Water and Save Money!

Easy Installation

Installation is very simple. The connections of the Showerex fit most standard waste pipes.

Ideal for new builds, bathroom renovations, and can also be retrofit on pile homes.

The Showerex is simply installed in a shower waste pipe and transfers the heat from the waste "grey" water to the incoming mains cold water without direct contact.

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Save The Planet

Save Hot Water

A typical New Zealand household can save over 35,000 litres of hot water every year and reduce their CO2 emissions by over 250kg each year just by installing a Showerex 1400.

Cut Your CO2 Emissions

Do your part to save the planet by installing a Showerex in your home and save money at the same time.

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Customer's say “the difference is amazing”

Really, every home should have a shower heat exchanger and they probably should be compulsory in new builds. This is the cheapest and simplest way that anyone could reduce their energy bills. Without them, energy and money is literally going down the drain.


Home Owner

The two Showerexes I purchased off you seem to be working well. I can feel the temperature change in the shower as the drain pipe warms up and I need to change the position of my mixer.

Used in Baillie Eco-Home

Russell Baillie

Energy Manager, University of Auckland

It was easily installed under our existing timber floor and was completed in a couple of hours with no hidden costs and little or no disruption to our family. We now actively encourage all our clients to install this system.

Trent Fairey

Director of Design Rationale (Australiasia)

Every Shower Needs A Showerex

Commercial Applications

Showerex can dramatically reduce hot water usage, saving your business money. If your business has one or more showers, you need Showerex.

Showerex is an effective solution for many businesses including:

  • Accommodation providers (motels, hotels, hostels)
  • Hospitals
  • Cruise Ships
  • Gyms
  • Swimming Pools

Typical annual return on investment varies, but is often above 40% and can be as high as 200% per annum with a 6 month payback period.

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Increased Water Pressure

On low pressure systems including pumped and rural systems, Showerex can give you a much better and more enjoyable shower while saving you money.

"Our house uses a low pressure hot water cylinder in combination with pumped bore water. Therefore, by heating the high pressure bore water we required less low pressure hot water, thus reducing our hot water heating bill and producing a higher pressure shower."
Trent Fairey
Director of Design Rationale (Australiasia) Ltd

Patented Technology

The Showerex Heat Recovery system's unique design utilises a patented tube known as Spirex tubing.

In our unique design, the heat is transferred through the space between the inner and outer tubes, so the waste water and the incoming pre-heated potable water never touch.

Spirex™ Heat Transfer Tubing Technology

Save Money

Our research shows that the most efficient and economical way to reduce energy consumption for showers, is to extract energy from the "grey" waste water and recycle it to pre-heat the incoming cold water.

The time for the incoming cold water to start heating is extremely quick and so it starts paying for itself almost instantly.

Showerex can recover 40 - 45% of the heat from the wastewater and save power on hot water heating in the process.

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New Zealand Green Building Council Member
New Zealand Green Building Council Member