How It Works

The Showerex Energy Saver is simply installed in a shower waste pipe and transfers the heat from the waste "grey" water to the incoming mains cold water.

In the following video, you'll see how Showerex connects into your shower to save you money. This can represent a nominal saving of up to NZ $550* off your hot water usage every year.

*Nominal example: A family of four having an average shower using 10 l/min of water at 38°C for 10 minutes, once a day at $0.28 per kWh.

Showerex Technology Explained

The Showerex Energy Saver is a double tube heat exchanger. The inner tube is a standard Watermark Certified copper drain tube for the waste water. Showerex uses patented Spirex tubing to dramatically improve heat recovery efficiency.

As the shower waste clings to the inside, turbulating as it goes, the heat is transferred through the space between the inner and outer tubes. This means that the waste water and the potable incoming pre-heated cold water never touch.

Showerex Cutaway Technology Explanation
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New Zealand Green Building Council Member
New Zealand Green Building Council Member