Commercial Applications

Big Savings for Businesses with Showers

However your business uses showers, whether in individual guest rooms or communal shower rooms, Showerex is a great investment.

Showerex takes the wasted heat from the hot water going down your drain and uses it to pre-heat the incoming cold water.

This clever process substantially reduces the amount of hot water you use, saving your business money.

Not Just Showers

Big Savings wherever Hot Water is used

Dishwashers, Sterilization, Laundries, Salons, Cruise Ships, and many other users of hot water can save money by recycling the heat from their hot water.

Calculate How Much Your Business Could Save

Gym - A Few Frequently Used Showers

This example shows the calculations for a small gym with 5 showers used by 50 members each day.

Businesses with relatively few showers used frequently by different customers throughout the day can expect very high returns on investment (100 – 250%) and quick payback periods (6 – 12 months).

Similar businesses would include Spas, Saunas, and Swimming Pools.

Hotel - Dedicated Shower Per Guest

This example shows the calculations for a hotel with 100 rooms each with their own shower, being used by 2 guests per room each day.

Businesses with many showers used only once or twice per day can expect good returns on investment (24% – 45%) and fast payback periods (2 – 4 years).

Hospital - Shared Showers

This example shows the calculations for a 400 bed hospital with 1 shower per 4 patients.

Businesses with shared showers used multiple times per day can expect great returns on investment (45% – 100%) and fast payback periods (1 – 2 years).

Environmental Benefits

The environmental savings for big businesses are huge. In this hospital example, 3.5 million litres of hot water are saved every year and over 25,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions are eliminated every year.

Calculate How Much Your Business Could Save

Less Infrastructure

By substantially decreasing your hot water usage, your business may be able to make additional savings by reducing the required investment in hot water heating appliances.

Fewer hot water heaters, means less plumbing, and lower capital costs. These reduced infrastructure costs will offset and perhaps even eliminate your capital investment in valuable Showerex units.

Fewer water heaters can also mean less maintenance and fewer repair bills.

Cooler Drain Water

Hot water, particularly very hot water, can cause damage and problems to drains and sewer systems.

This has lead to many governments, cities, and municipalities regulating the maximum water temperature you can discharge into the sewage system.

To comply with these regulations, businesses often have to go to great expense to cool the water before it enters the sewage system.

Showerex removes the heat, letting you comply with wastewater discharge regulations while saving you money. A win-win for your business.

YHA uses Showerex to Save

By using Showerex, the YHA is able to recover the heat from grey water and use this to pre-heat the incoming cold water for their showers. Thanks to Showerex's patented technology, the grey wastewater and the incoming cold water never mix.

Your business can recycle hot water and save money at the same time too.

The YHA are recovering approximately 40 - 45% of the heat from the wastewater and saving power on water heating in the process. By installing Showerex on your business's showers, your business can save too.

YHA uses Showerex
Calculate How Much Your Business Could Save
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New Zealand Green Building Council Member